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Consulting, research and design
for sustainable finance

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Vision for a financial turnaround: There is once again a stable monetary and financial system that naturally integrates social and ecological criteria into its main function: to serve the real economy. There is still a lot of work to do to achieve this goal.

Markus Duscha, founder of the Fair Finance Institute

The Fair Finance Institute supports policymakers, administration, citizens’ initiatives, 
financial institutions and other organisations with the following services:

Development of strategies and measures


The Fair Finance Institute breaks boundaries in thinking that often exist. New approaches are emerging that span narrow scientific disciplines, previous habits, system boundaries and organisational patterns. We focus on the pragmatic development of examples and models.

Evaluation of activities

Looking closely

In cooperation with partners from science, market research and opinion research, FaFin offers in-depth evaluations and assessments of instruments and measures related to the financial and monetary systems.

Networking the stakeholders

Working together

FaFin supports network building by organising workshops and events as well as by providing counselling on institution building, embedding in the ‘landscape of stakeholders’ and strategy creation.

Development of projects and services

Acting responsibly

By providing parallel support for the implementation of frameworks on the one hand and business products on the other, FaFin offers special advantages for the future development of new projects and further development of existing projects and business models in the financial sector. Ecological, social and economic sustainability aspects are always part of our integrated perspective.

Our references

The founder of the institute, Markus Duscha, brings more than 25 years of experience in strategic political consultation and research work for sustainable development to FaFin.

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