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FaFin realises a wide range of projects, information on which can be found here.

Projects that were carried out under Markus Duscha’s freelance work and not in FaFin gGmbH (more under History), are labelled accordingly.

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EU Sustainable Finance Framework

Ensuring Consistency and Ambition

The project on the EU Sustainable Finance Framework aims to ensure ambitious and consistent criteria in the EU sustainable finance framework. Its instruments (e.g. EU Taxonomy, CSRD, SFDR, etc.) need to be ambitious to include economic sectors that meet ambitious environmental requirements
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Turnaround money II

Rethinking municipal finances (workshop series)

Against the backdrop of current developments in the field of sustainable finance, the project aims to develop concrete, innovative and structural solutions in a series of workshops together with relevant stakeholders.
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EU Sustainable Finance Regulation

Selected human rights indicators

The overall aim of the research project was to develop concepts and exemplary indicators for the standardised measurement of the social sustainability of economic activities and companies.


The Fair Finance Institute organises its own events and develops its own training and event formats. One of these is the Future of Fair Finance, which has been held regularly since 2018.

Since 2018, the Future of Fair Finance event series has been bringing sustainable finance expertise from the major financial centres directly to the regions. The aim is to create interactive learning spaces to turn local people with multiplier potential into pioneers in the field of sustainable finance.

The content covers topics such as regulation at national and European level, local politics, the housing market, climate protection and much more. The Future of Fair Finance will offer high-level keynotes with renowned experts in sustainable finance and social entrepreneurship as well as interactive formats for business and financial sector executives and representatives from politics, municipal administration, non-profit organisations and foundations.

More information, including on previous Future of Fair Finance events, which we organise together with Starkmacher e.V. and other supporters, can be found at www.future-of-fair-finance.de. Information on current events can be found in the Calender.


The Fair Finance Institute works with the following organisations, among others:

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